Dental Crowns and Bridges in Moorebank

Restore your smile with Dental Crowns and Bridges near Moorebank

If you have missing teeth and or have a gap or two in your smile crowns and bridges in Moorebank may be an efficient and cost-effective treatment for you giving you a full and healthy smile again in no time – allowing you to comfortably eat and speak.

Crowns look like little caps or a cover that fits over damaged teeth or gaps that mimic the appearance of teeth. Porcelain or ceramic crowns make the most popular choices as they look the most like natural teeth. However dental crowns and bridges are also available in metal. While not an aesthetic choice for teeth they can be a great choice for back molars, providing a durable and long-lasting protective cover for your teeth.

While a crown treatment refers to just treating and repairing one tooth, a dental bridge can repair and cover several teeth and replace missing ones as well. Dental bridges are made up of multiple crowns attached together, with a full tooth or two in the middle to repair the gap of missing teeth.

Whether you want to repair a tooth, replace a tooth or replace several, Eskay Dental has all the necessary expertise and resources to give you the reputed restorative treatments that you have been looking for.

When might I need a dental crown?

• Protect a weak tooth
• Fractured tooth
• Severely decayed tooth
• When a large tooth filing can no longer be easily replaced
• Greatly stained or discoloured tooth
• Badly shaped tooth
• After Root Canal Treatment
• Attaching a dental bridge

What can I expect from dental crown and bridge treatment?

When considering dental crown and bridge treatment, you will first have a consultation where the dentist will give do an oral examination then let you know all your options, as well as what may be best suited for you, together with costs.

There are various material types available for dental bridges; from metal, porcelain fused onto metal, all resin, ceramic, porcelain or pressed ceramic.

There are usually two phases of treatment.

Phase one is where the tooth or teeth are prepared to receive the crown or the bridge and suitable impressions taken to fabricate the prosthesis. Temproary crowns and bridges are installed at the same appointment to maintain space and protect the prepared teeth and to restore smile.

Phase two involves trying in the new prosthesis (crown or bridge) and if all is acceptable, the prosthesis is secured in the mouth with special adhesives and cements.

How do I look after my new dental crowns and bridges?

A regular dental care routine is recommended. Brush and floss two times a day. Make sure you also take care to floss around the crowns, keeping the area clean. This way you can protect the crown and the joints between the dental bridges from decay. There are other special tools and cleaning aids available to manage this and our dentist will tell you about them as may be appropriate.

Your new crown or bridge will likely last a long time especially with proper home care and regular professional check and clean.

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