Dental Implants in Casula

Dental Implants in Casula for an Invaluable Smile 

Eskay Dental Clinic provides Implant treatments to give you the beauty of a full smile. We are located a short drive from Casula and have been serving the Casula area for the last 15 years

While confidence and appearance are the main issue that people complain about when they are seeking teeth replacement, these dental treatments also play a prime role in securing your comfort and health. 

Dental Implants are the highest standard and most effective way to replace a single tooth. It is the closest you can get to the feeling of having your lost tooth replaced. Patients can enjoy talking and eating with confidence with dental implants as they are fixed into your jaw similar to how your teeth are. Furthermore, to their benefit, Dental Implants can be finished to very closely match your existing natural teeth.

With over 30 years of experience, a dentist whose passion for dentistry has never faded, Eskay dental has been the choice for many residents in Casula for the last 15 years.

Why people seek Dental implants?

  • Fill out the gaps in your teeth
  • Comfortably talk, eat and smile


The condition of your teeth often influences your confidence to talk, eat and smile. When you’re missing a tooth or have a severely damaged one you might feel a tendency to shy away when the focus is on you. Worse, you could find it frustratingly difficult to bite and chew. 

Tooth replacement with dental implants allows patients to talk, eat and smile with confidence like no other treatment can. The dental implants are the next best option to your natural teeth.

What makes Dental Implants different?

While there are other options such as crowns, bridges, and dentures for replacing teeth, dental implants and denture implants have become the gold standard in teeth replacement. 

This is because Dental Implants offer these benefits:

  • Feel and look like natural teeth
  • Durable and fixed teeth 
  • Look after them like natural teeth
  • Nearby teeth do not need modification or become compromised
  • Supports face shape
  • Can replace one tooth, a row, or all teeth

Implant Supported Dentures – In this procedure, a minimum of 4 implants are required in each row of teeth. Sometimes this also includes a bar attaching to the abutments for added support. In these denture implants, the force of the bite is transferred to the implants and jawbone. Therefore, patients can enjoy less irritation while enjoying tougher foods.

Implant Retained Dentures – In these procedures, lesser dental implants (usually 2) are required per jawline and mini abutments can also be used in this regard. With this option, the gums absorb more of the forces when chewing. More people are likely candidates, as they don’t require the same jawbone thickness as implant supported dentures. It is also more cost-effective than implant supported dentures.


We care about your smile

We are conveniently located at 279 Macquarie Street, inside Liverpool Family Medical Centre. We are a general dental practice and we provide a whole range of dental services from routine check up and preventive dentistry to scale and clean, fillings, root canal treatment, removal of teeth, wisdom teeth surgery, denture services to complex crown and bridge and dental implants.
Access to our surgery is easy with a central ground floor location, in the heart of Liverpool’s Macquarie Street. Ample parking is available at the three storey council car park located on Northumberland Street, at the rear of the Liverpool Family Medical Centre, with a rear entrance door for your convenience.
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Working Hours

Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM
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Please contact our surgery on (02) 9600 7400 to inquire about which Saturdays we are open. We are closed on public Holidays and most long weekends.


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