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Welcome to Eskay Dental! We are a Dental Surgery located in Liverpool, only a short distance from Hoxton Park. Our dentist is very experienced, having been practicing dentistry for nearly 30 years. We are committed to serving our community with the best dental treatments and procedures. We maintain a professional approach in our interactions, yet we believe in providing a relaxed atmosphere in which you as the patient can feel free to present your opinion and any problems or requests so we can give it due consideration and discuss them fully to your satisfaction. We maintain regular and continuing professional development so you can be assured you will have the best of advice and care for your needs.

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Teeth are very important not only from the appearance perspective, but from a health perspective as well. Strong and well-maintained teeth are a gateway to a healthy life. It is essential to address any teeth related issues immediately and opt for the best possible treatment for the same. Even if you are taking the best care of your teeth accidents can happen and you can damage your teeth. Sometimes you have to lose a tooth for this reason. Dental implants are one of the latest additions and innovations in dentistry that enables one to replace the missing or damaged tooth with an artificial one that blends in beautifully with your natural teeth. Dental implants integrate into the bone, firmly locking in its position amongst your teeth. Dental implants help improve the appearance of your teeth as well as maintain its function and give you all the confidence.

Our dentists at Eskay Dental have expertise in dental procedures and treatments. We provide an array of preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental treatments including dental implants in Hoxton park and surrounding areas. If you need to have your missing or damaged teeth replaced, rest assured we will take all the necessary actions to accurately diagnose your presentation, discuss the same with you and give you all possible options for your consideration. Our aim is to present to you these options in a relaxed manner so you can take your time in deciding which option may be best suited to your needs and expectations.

Who should opt for dental implants in Hoxton Park?

If you have one or several missing teeth replacing them with dental implants may be a great option. A dental implant involves the use of a special titanium screw placed in the space in the jawbone and a suitable natural looking crown (tooth) usually made of ceramic material, is then attached to the screw (implant) to complete the replacement of the natural tooth. The dental implant in Hoxton Park helps you fill the gap left by your missing tooth with an artificial one, that is the next best thing to the original one. There are special considerations for this procedure, and you will have to have a proper oral examination followed by special radiographic examination to establish if your jawbone is suitable for implants to replace the missing teeth. Our dentist will follow through all the necessary steps to ensure that the procedure is suitable for you and that you are ready to receive such treatment. At Eskay Dental, we understand the importance of time and therefore take efforts to keep our treatment precise and planned. Dental Implant procedures for replacement of teeth can take some time to integrate and the time taken to finish the procedure from start to finish can take a few months. Not all patients are the same and their presentation can also be different. We will take all measures to make sure your procedure is given special consideration, and everything planned very well to make sure your treatment will have the best possible outcome in the least possible time frame. We will give you a timeline for your procedure as we anticipate it will unfold so you can plan your routine around it.

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We are conveniently located at 279 Macquarie Street, inside Liverpool Family Medical Centre. We are a general dental practice and we provide a whole range of dental services from routine check up and preventive dentistry to scale and clean, fillings, root canal treatment, removal of teeth, wisdom teeth surgery, denture services to complex crown and bridge and dental implants.
Access to our surgery is easy with a central ground floor location, in the heart of Liverpool’s Macquarie Street. Ample parking is available at the three storey council car park located on Northumberland Street, at the rear of the Liverpool Family Medical Centre, with a rear entrance door for your convenience.
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