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Reliable Root Canal Treatment near Casula

Eskay Dental provides Root Canal Treatment in Casula.
When your tooth is severely damaged or gets infected, dentists want to do anything that they can do to save the natural tooth. Today, root canal treatment offers a pain-free and efficient way to manage the problem and save the tooth when possible.

What does root canal treatment entail?

Root canal treatment is essentially a procedure where the root canal (hollow inside the tooth) is cleaned and filled/sealed. The procedure is broken down into three steps.

  1.  Removal of pulp tissue
  2.  Cleaning of canals to prepare for a filling
  3.  Placing a filling inside the canal(s)
  4.  Restoring the tooth crown

The tooth generally becomes pain free after the first step however the other steps are required to secure stability of the treatment.
In many instances the only way to retain a tooth without pain is to consider a root canal therapy procedure

When do I need a root canal?

There are several signs that you might have an infected or severely damaged tooth that needs a root canal treatment. These symptoms could possibly mean you may need a root canal procedure

  • Persistent pain – When you are experiencing persistent pain in the area around a damaged tooth.
  • Fractured tooth – In the case of a large crack in your tooth, it is possible for food debris and other bacteria to make its way into the tooth and infect the root canal
  • Tooth discolouration – A severe discolouration of a tooth can point to greater problems within the tooth. This is particularly notable if it is darker than other teeth.
  • Gum lesions or pimples – A large pimple or lesion near a tooth can be because of infection in or around a tooth.
  • Swollen gums/toothabscess – When your gums are darkening and swelling up, it can mean you have a tooth that is infected.
  • Lingering cold and heat sensitivity – Sensitivity can be a sign of enamel erosion or cavities, which both can contribute to a damage tooth that may need root canal treatment.
  • Loose tooth – A tooth can become loose in the mouth when it is infected.

As always, it is important that you have your teeth and gums checked by our dentist to properly diagnose the problem and consider all treatment options. Our dentist can then recommend the best way forward to manage it.

At Eskay Dental, we believe in empowering our patients with our friendly and transparent approach. We’re concerned about the oral health of our patients in Casula, so we make our services as approachable as possible.

We talk you through your best options and conduct an informative service, where we try to keep you comfortable through treatment as much as possible.

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