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A tooth has a crown (visible part of tooth) and the root (the part that is inside the gums and bone) that holds the tooth in place. The root (and the crown) has a hollow (canal) inside it. This hollow has the nerves and blood vessels that keeps the tooth alive. When there is damage to the tooth it may cause the nerve inside it to be affected. The damages can be in the form of dental decay, fractured tooth, cracked tooth due to trauma or clenching and grinding, to name some. When the damage is extensive, the affected nerve will respond by inflammation, which is reflected in us feeling pain. If the damage persists and or is not treated soon enough, it can lead to irreversible inflammation of the nerve (pulp) which can progress onto the death of the nerve and the resultant necrosis of the pulp can develop as an abscess. All these presentations can be extremely painful.

The term root canal treatment is the actual treatment of the hollow in the root of the tooth to eliminate the inflamed/infected tissues and to then disinfect the canal and seal it from developing the infection again. This is a very complex procedure as it can be expected. However, the profession and science has developed well refined procedures that makes this process possible and nowadays, root canal treatment is considered a routine procedure, in most cases.

Contrary to normal belief, this procedure need not be painful. It is usually done on a tooth that is painful and often the experience is confused with painful root canal treatment. The procedure is done under local anaesthesia in a painless manner. You can expect the toothache related to an abscess or inflammation of the nerve to subside quite quickly, even with one single treatment of removing the affected tissue or infection. Our dentist at Eskay Dental has vast experience in doing root canal treatment for the people of Hoxton Park and surrounding areas at the Liverpool practice.

As with any dental treatment, our dentist will examine and diagnose the problem quite efficiently and suggest treatment options that will help treat your presenting dental problems. We can provide immediate treatment on almost all occasions to relieve the pain and start the process of healing. Most planned procedures may only take one or two visits to complete. Once the situation is treated, our dentist will suggest various ways of repairing the damage to the tooth. This can be simply a filling placed with suitable material. As root canal treatment is done on mostly damaged teeth, more complex restorations in the form of crowns may be necessary to restore structural integrity of teeth for a more durable outcome for the long term. Most molars that have root canal treatment will be weakened and accordingly, will need suitable protection from cracking and falling apart. Placement of a full crown is almost always recommended for molar teeth that have been root canal treated.

We strongly feel that Eskay Dental Surgery is well placed to do root canal treatment in Hoxton park and surrounding areas. We want you to feel confident in contacting our surgery for consultation and treatment, should you be experiencing dental pain. Call us on 02 9600 7400 to make that appointment now.

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