Root Canal Treatment in Moorebank

Eskay Dental Root Canal treatment – it could last a lifetime

Root canal treatment has a reputation for being painful, but it’s not like the old days anymore. With modern technologies and advancements, it can be done in just a few appointments, depending on the severity of the damage. Best of all; it’s done pain-free. We, at Eskay Dental, take pride in offering our patients painless and modern root canal treatment in Moorebank performed by our qualified and experienced dentist.

When do you need root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is performed to save and repair teeth that are damaged such that the nerve inside it is affected. This is usually a result of trauma, large decay (rotted tooth) or cracks to name some common causes. In many instances, it is a safe and preferable option than extraction or implant as it is maintaining the original natural tooth. Prevention is always the best but you must immediately go to your dentist to find out if you need a root canal in the case of the following:

  • Hypersensitive tooth
  • Unbearable/severe pain
  • Pus or swelling in the mouth
  • Badly decayed tooth

Reclaim your natural tooth with Root Canal

Root canal treatment intends to bring back the tooth into a natural-looking state as it was prior to the damage. This is done by treating the damaged nerve to eliminate infection and inflammation and then restoring the tooth by means of fillings and or crowns. There are several advantages of reclaiming your natural tooth by root canal treatment.

  • It gives a natural-looking appearance.
  • It allows the normal biting and chewing of food.
  • It keeps most of the normal sensations of the tooth intact
  • It maintains the tooth that is naturally accepted in the body.

Our expertise:

At Eskay Dental, we offer a wide variety of dental services in Moorebank. From root canal treatment to crown and bridges, we have everything to meet your dental needs. Here are some of the procedures we have expertise in:

Root Canal Treatment – Earlier deemed a painful and long procedure, Eskay Dental provides advanced and painless root canal treatment in Moorebank

Crowns and bridges – At Eskay Dental, a perfect smile is just a step away with our natural looking and custom-made crowns and bridges.

Dental Implants – Implants don’t only fall under the purview of cosmetic dental procedures but it also has great significance in your dental health. From X-rays and implant placements to permanent crown placement, we pay close attention to each step of the implant treatment for a natural-looking tooth.

Extractions – Ranging from normal extractions to surgical extraction of wisdom teeth, we diagnose and plan these procedures with you in mind. We can even plan the replacement of the tooth even before extraction so you may not have gaps for any extended period of time.

What are we aiming at with our services in Moorebank?

We aim to provide our patients with essential and painless dentistry to achieve a healthy set of teeth. With our qualified and very experienced dentist, we can assure you of individual attention and the right advice and treatment.

Reasons to choose Eskay Dental for Root Canal treatment in Moorebank

  • We plan our procedures right in advance for accurate results
  • Well-qualified dental expert perform root canal treatments at Eskay Dental
  • We cater for and provide quick appointments in case of a dental emergency
  • We allow ample time for planned procedures to ensure we can perform a painless root canal treatment

Need a root canal? Don’t worry! Call Eskay Dental for an easy and painless Root canal treatment in Moorebank.

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