Safety and well being of all concerned is a priority at Eskay dental. We follow safe work practices to ensure the safety of our staff and patients alike while we go about doing day to day business of practising dentistry. All staff are required to adhere to high level of personal hygiene and outlook, All staff are required to be immunised against most of the ailments that are common and have vaccines available for them. We adhere to a strict infection control protocol of using Universal Precautions. Here we treat every patient as if they could potentially be carriers of some infection. Effectively this means cross contamination chances are reduced and the likelihood of you being exposed to something is reduced. Use of personal protective apparel in gowns, gloves, safety glasses and masks are basic standard of universal precaution. Where possible we use disposable items to minimise risk of cross contamination. Our treatment insrtuments and hand pieces etc are autoclaved (using a class B Autoclave) and bagged to ensure they are free of any contaminants for each patient. Sensitive equipment that cannot be autoclaved are cleaned and disinfected using suitable disinfectants and wipes. Our qualified and conscious staff are well versed with infection control protocols and all care is taken to ensure your safety. You will notice the measures taken during your treatment but a lot of what is done is actually before you arrive at the surgery and after you leave.

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