Dental Crowns and Bridges Liverpool


Bridges are fixed prosthesis. They are cemented in place by permanent cement attaching to existing suitable natural teeth adjacent to the missing teeth. The usual material of choice is porcelain or porcelain fused to metal. Complete metal bridges (usually a special gold alloy) may also be provided or chosen, depending on application. We can offer a range of options for bridges.

Implant Retained crowns and bridges.

Implants are generally man made fixtures that are implanted into the bone and gums to support a supra-structure of crowns or bridges to replace missing teeth. These are usually fixed as well, although removable dentures can be attached to implanted anchors for better retention and stability. Implants are considered in instances where there are missing teeth and non suitable adjacent teeth exist for attachment of a conventional bridge or it is undesirable to do so. The implant fixture is a special titanium alloy made to integrate into and attach to bone on top of which the supra structures (Usually porcelain fused to metal) are attached by screws or cement. You will be able to discuss all the options and particulars of treatment for your presentation together with costs when you come in for a consultation with our dentist.

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