Cosmetic Dentistry Focus

Our cosmetic dentistry approach is usually dependent on the patient needs and their expectations of the outcome. We are generally very conservative in our approach to providing any treatment and cosmetic improvement of teeth is no different. We will try to conserve as much of your natural dentition and try to keep any procedures simple if possible. The treatment procedures may include simple tooth coloured fillings, or direct composite veneers on affected teeth only. Often this may be all that is required or desired by you as the patient. This is quite affordable and relatively quick and cost effective. Subsequent to this we may recommend or you may choose to do teeth whitening to finish off the cosmetic improvement of your smile.

However, if your presentation requires more complex work we can certainly provide treatment options for the various ways this complex treatment can be provided. You may need replacement of teeth and a well made removable denture (false teeth) may be acceptable. Alternatively, a crown or two in isolation or multiple crowns and bridges may be considered to restore multiple damaged teeth and we can certainly provide all this at our surgery in Liverpool. You may consider the option of implant retained crown and bridges for more confident form and function. These treatments are high end and are usually costly. However, in the correct presentation, it is possibly the best way to replace missing teeth. Please feel free to discuss all options when you come in for a consultation.

The best way to gauge and work out which options may be suitable for you is to make an appointment for an examination and discussion with our dentist. Upon examination and x-rays if required, our dentist will provide treatment plan options with costs for a no obligation consideration.

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