Dental Scale and Clean and Gum Treatment

This procedure is carried out to remove any deposits of calculus (tarter) and plaque and bacteria food debris etc. This usually involves use of an ultrasonic instruments and/or special hand instruments to debride teeth and gums. The procedure is usually followed by polishing all teeth with a special polisher with fluoride paste. Topical fluoride in gel/foam may also be provided.

If gums are not looked after and managed well, you may develop inflammation of the gums called gingivitis. This results in bleeding of the gums and it could happen with touching the gums or tooth brush cleaning or spontaneously in severe cases. In most cases a good general scale and clean will help control this. With regular home maintenance and care (tooth brushing and flossing and antibacterial mouth wash) and periodic check and professional clean by a dentist will help keep the problem away.

If left untreated, gingivitis may take a more severe form when the tissues supporting the teeth may be affected adversely and often irreversibly. This presentation/form is called periodontal disease, or disease of the supporting tissues of the teeth. This advanced form of gum disease may need more work to control and manage, especially if there is bone loss and pocketing present. It may require more than one visit to scale and clean and also require deep cleaning (root planing) to achieve a better outcome. Maintenance phase may need to be more frequent for advanced form of the disease where the dentist may suggest up to three monthly recalls for check and clean. If deemed necessary our dentist may refer you to a specialist for the management of your periodontal disease.

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