Dental Implants in Liverpool

Dental Implants in Liverpool that fill in the gaps

Our dental clinic, Eskay Dental, at Liverpool offers dental implants and denture implants that restore your bite and smile.

While losing a tooth can be devasting, the modern advancements in dentistry means that you don’t need to have a gap in your smile for long. Dental implants can be made to replace a missing tooth or a row of teeth in your mouth from the root up. This means you get a natural looking replacement, that looks and feels like the real thing.

Why choose dental implants in Liverpool over other restorative options?

While removable dentures and bridges make perfectly credible options for teeth replacement, dentures don’t have a firm foundation and may not look as natural. They may rub against the gums in the mouth and may cause pain and discomfort, discouraging individuals from eating a wider diet. 

Conversely, while bridges are stabilised in the mouth, they do not support the strength and health of your jawline and they can also compromise the condition of your adjoining teeth. They may also remain feeling unnatural in the mouth as you talk, smile and chew. 

As dental implants provide a root (anchor) for the new replacement tooth, that fuses with the jawbone, the patient benefits from a firmly supported tooth. The attachment to the jaw here also means that the jawbone does not resorb away and become thinner with age, maintaining your natural bone shape and thereby youthful appearance. However, if you are missing a few teeth, our dentist might recommend a bridge or partial denture as an alternative to replacement of your teeth, after careful consideration of other factors.

In short, patients enjoy dental implants for these benefits:

  • Natural looking tooth or teeth replacement
  • Feels almost like a natural tooth
  • Expanded diet and nutritional benefits from easy biting and chewing function
  • Care for your dental implants is similar to that as for your other natural teeth
  • Supports the jawbone and your facial bone structure
  • Not removable

A dental implant can replace a single tooth, however at Eskay Dental we can also provide you dentures retained by implants that replace series of teeth (implant retained bridge) or replace all missing teeth in each jaw (Implant retained bridge or denture, either removable or fixed). 

Replacing full rows of teeth | Denture Implants

Implant Supported and Implant Retained Dentures

  • Implant supported dentures are usually fixed dentures (or bridges e.g. All-on-four) that may not be removable by you on regular basis. The prosthesis is made and fixed to the substructures of the implants using special abutments and screws. These make the perfect solution for those that enjoy eating harder and tougher foods like steak and nuts etc and will find a lot of confidence in doing so. This type of dental implants in Liverpool easily take the full force of a bite, absorbing the pressure through the implants and jawbone, and will not move. 
  • Implant retained dentures, are supported by implants also but will be supported by your gums as well. These are usually removable but have special connectors to your denture that help keep the dentures in place. Fewer implants are required making it a more cost-effective choice. 

Not everyone is suitable for this type of treatment, so it is highly recommended that you visit our surgery for a consultation, so we may be able to assess your suitability. Contact us now to book a consultation appointment. Phone 02 96007400.

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Access to our surgery is easy with a central ground floor location, in the heart of Liverpool’s Macquarie Street. Ample parking is available at the three storey council car park located on Northumberland Street, at the rear of the Liverpool Family Medical Centre, with a rear entrance door for your convenience.
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