Restorative Dental Care and Treatment

If your teeth are damaged due to decay (rotting) or trauma, we can provide efficient diagnosis and timely treatment to restore the teeth. For a large majority of the cases if the problem is diagnosed in early stages, a simple filling may be all that is required. We provide tooth coloured composite resin fillings or fluoride releasing glass ionomer fillings, depending on the size and location of the damage. Our dentist will be able to discuss with you what type of filling is best for your damaged teeth.

If the damage to the teeth is too extensive it may be better to consider a more durable restoration in the form of an indirect crown. Crowns are usually made of tooth coloured porcelain. However, tooth coloured resins may be considered or a full metal crown (usually gold) may be recommended. Accordingly, crowns are generally more costly to make but in the correct circumstances it may be best and work out cheaper in the long term. Our dentist will be able to discuss with you what may be the best way to restore your tooth.

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