Root Canal Treatment in Liverpool

Root Canal Treatment

Every tooth has a crown and a root. The root holds the tooth in the bone and gums. Inside the root there is a hollow (canal) which holds nerves and blood vessels (pulp) that give vitality to teeth. If the damage to teeth are too extensive (decay or trauma) these vital structures may be compromised. This type of damage may range from reversible pulpitis to irreversible pulpitis in severe cases and if the damage/trauma is left untreated there can be complete necrosis of the pulp. Reversible pulpitis may be simply treated by eliminating the cause of the trauma and repairing the damage (eg fillings). In the case of too much trauma and the nerve may not recover (diagnosed as irreversible pulpitis) or worse there is necrosis of the pulp, the tooth will require root canal therapy to keep the tooth pain free and to maintain form and function. We can offer comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan options for your tooth with compromised nerve (pulp). You can discuss your presentation and options for its treatment when you come in for a consultation with our dentist.

Most root canal treatment may take between 1-3 visits to complete, depending on the extent of damage and the way it presents. In a small number of cases especially if there is infection or pus formation present the tooth may take longer to heal and therefore require more visits to complete. Make an appointment to discuss your specific problem with our dentist.

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