Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is generally provided to lighten the colour of teeth and most suitable for teeth with intrinsic staining or discoloration. Any extrinsic stains may be removed by simple clean and polish but deep stains are usually impossible to remove with clean only. Teeth whitening may be the treatment of choice in such circumstances to lighten your teeth.

There are three main options we provide for teeth whitening.
1. Purchase an off the shelf whitening kit from our surgery to use at home
2. Take home whitening kit with custom made trays to fit your teeth and appropriate strength whitening medicament for a complete course of home whitening.
3. In house whitening where all the work is carried out in surgery in one single visit. We offer Zoom Whitening system. This requires careful isolation of you r teeth by the dentist and then application of a special whitening gel followed by exposure of the teeth and gel to a high powered light. Up to 4 X 15 minute applications may be chosen or required.

You can discuss which option may be best for your treatment needs when you come in for your consultation.

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