Wisdom Teeth Removal in Liverpool

Wisdom tooth is the common name given to the third molar teeth. There are usually 4 wisdom teeth and they usually erupt between ages 17-25. Wisdom teeth are essentially normal teeth but they may pose problems if there is not enough space in the jaw to accommodate it. With lack of space, it may not erupt completely or erupt in an abnormal position or alignment when it may be impacted against soft tissue or teeth and/or bone. It may be difficult to maintain them clean due to its location and presentation. For this reason it may develop inflammation in the gums, decay or some infection and therefore pain. This will require special attention by a dentist.

Our dentist can help diagnose and treat such presentations and we do this on a daily basis. Treatment may range from diagnostic x-rays and advise on the management to prescription of antibiotics and further complete removal of the offending tooth/teeth. We provide surgical removal of wisdom teeth as a routine treatment at our Liverpool Surgery. Our dentist has vast experience in these procedures. Please feel confident about discussing your presentation with our dentist when you come in for a consultation.

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